MPAS Student Handbook


Students are required to purchase standard textbooks, electronic versions of textbooks (eBooks), lessons and/or supplies. These costs may vary by the student’s semester and program. Some courses may require an eBook if a standard textbook is not offered. Students have the opportunity to purchase textbooks for courses they are enrolled in through the Chamberlain University bookstore at or the bookstore of their choice.

Hard copy and electronic textbooks are available for purchase through the online Chamberlain bookstore – accessed at or through the Chamberlain student portal at Some electronic textbooks (eBooks) will also be available for free through the Chamberlain library. If an eBook is available, hardcover books are not required but may be purchased. In most cases a softcover copy of the eBook can be ordered the Chamberlain bookstore for an additional cost.

Medical Equipment Kits

Medical Equipment Kits are required and included in the cost of the program. The kits will be distributed during the first course of the session. Once the kit is distributed, the equipment fee is non-refundable.