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Chamberlain ACHIEVE

ACHIEVE, Chamberlain's Co-Curricular Platform 

ACHIEVE is Chamberlain University's dynamic co-curricular platform, providing students with a centralized hub for exploring and engaging in experiences, organizations, and events that support involvement and professional development. Accessible at, ACHIEVE is the gateway to a vibrant community, enriching the student journey beyond the classroom.

Unlock a World of Co-Curricular Experiences 

Co-curricular refers to activities or experiences that complement and enhance the traditional academic curriculum, often involving extracurricular pursuits, skills development, and practical learning.

Co-curricular experiences play a vital role in your personal and professional development. They provide opportunities to enhance your skills, explore new interests, and build a well-rounded profile. Getting involved in co-curricular experiences at Chamberlain helps shape your complete student experience.

Within ACHIEVE you can: 

  • Enrich Your Experience: Dive into a world of organizations, experiences, and events designed to complement your academic journey.
  • Experience Personal Growth: ACHIEVE is not just about ticking boxes; it's about personal growth and strategic skill development for your holistic development. 
  • Connect and Network: Build lasting connections with peers through Student Organizations who share your passions and ambitions within the Chamberlain community and become a part of something greater. 
  • Track Your Progress: Monitor and track your co-curricular achievements on your ACHIEVE transcript, showcasing your experiences and skills to potential employers and your network.

ACHIEVE Competencies:

Rooted in Chamberlain University Learning Competencies and NACE Career Readiness Competencies, the seven ACHIEVE competencies form the foundational framework for the platform. Co-curricular activities, events, and experiences are purposefully linked to ACHIEVE competencies, showcasing the deliberate development and application of vital skills. This intentional connection offers a holistic perspective on how students acquire and showcase crucial skills throughout their co-curricular journey.

Click here to view the seven ACHIEVE Competencies. 

Tracking your Development & Achievements:

The ACHIEVE transcript allows students to document the various co-curricular experiences they engaged in and the associated competencies developed through practical application. Each experience and competency listed on your ACHIEVE transcript is validated by the university and authenticates your learning outcomes. Your ACHIEVE transcript is a Chamberlain University document and should be used to complement your academic transcript. It functions as a valuable tool for networking, to develop your portfolio, and to demonstrate your development and achievements skills to a potential employer. 

Click here to view a sample ACHIEVE transcript. 

Recognized Student Organizations (RSO)

Chamberlain ACHIEVE will house the Recognized Student Organizations (RSO), which offer students a valuable opportunity to engage and be involved with their Chamberlain community. 

RSOs exist to enrich the classroom and community experience for our students. Every student is encouraged to participate, whether by joining an existing organization or taking the initiative to create a new RSO. 

Additional information on RSOs is accessible in ACHIEVE. To learn more about ACHIEVE or RSOs, email [email protected]

Download the ACHIEVE Mobile Application Today!  

For added convenience, download the ACHIEVE mobile app: 

  • Search for “Modern Campus Involve” in the Apple or Android store, and download/install
  • Select “Find My Campus
  • Search for “Chamberlain University”