MPAS Student Handbook

Examination Policies - MPAS

Personal Property Permitted On or About Students During Exams

Only the items clearly designated by the instructor will be permitted at a student’s desk. All books, notes and class-related materials, as well as personal items such smart devices, coats, purses and book bags must be kept at the perimeter of the room or in the student’s locker. These articles may be retrieved AFTER the exam is complete.

Cellular Phones & Other Communication Devices

Any electronic device, e.g. cellular phones, pagers and any other two-way communication devices must be turned off and kept with personal items in a place designated by the instructor or in the student’s locker. A student having a cellphone in their immediate possession during the assessment or the team assessment will forfeit their right to participate in the assessment or team assessment and will receive no credit for either assessment.

Students should inform outside parties (e.g. spouses, children, etc.) before an exam to contact the PA department if an emergency arises requiring immediate communication with that student.

Time Allotment

Most exams will consist of approximately 100 questions. Approximately one minute will be allocated per question. All students who are required to complete a reassessment exam must consult with the course/module coordinator to schedule reassessment exam time.

Communication & Breaks

Students may not communicate with anyone (with the exception of the assessment leader or proctors) within or outside of the room during the assessment. Students may not communicate with anyone from another team during the team assessment.

Restroom breaks will be permitted at the discretion of the assessment leader; however, no additional time will be allotted. Only one student will be allowed to use the restroom at a time. Faculty reserve the right to accompany any student who leaves the assessment room for a restroom break.

All students must remain in the classroom after completing the individual exam until all students have completed the exam.

Student Initiated Clarifications During Exams

Faculty will not answer content-related questions from students during any exam.

Testing Procedure

Exams will begin promptly at the schedule time. Students should arrive promptly before the scheduled exam time to avoid disturbing other students and to take advantage of the allotted test time. Students arriving late for an exam will not be given additional time to complete the exam

Note: Failure to attend a scheduled exam/quiz in any MPAS course does not automatically grant the student the right to take the exam at a later date.