Academic Catalog

Academic Catalog

Volume XVII

2024-2025 Academic Year is Summer 2024-Spring 2025
Original publication date: May 6, 2024
Current publication date: May 6, 2024

Academic Catalog | 2024-2025

Volume XVII; May 6, 2024. Chamberlain reserves the right to change the terms and conditions outlined in this catalog and the student handbook at any time without notice. Information updated after the original publication date of May 6, 2024, including additions and amendments, are available via and The online academic catalog and student handbook are updated monthly or as needed. The student handbook is an extension of the catalog. It is the responsibility of applicants and students to check online for updates in both publications and abide by the policies within. The catalog and handbook published online supersede all previously published editions and are in effect until a subsequent catalog and/or handbook are published. Information contained herein is effective May 6, 2024.

For students who signed enrollment agreements prior to May 13, 2016, Chamberlain is forgoing its right to invoke the mandatory arbitration clause in the event of student/graduate claims or controversies arising out of or related to the terms of the Enrollment Agreement or education provided by Chamberlain.

Program/Program option availability varies by state/location. Chamberlain reserves the right to update information as it becomes available. Information is current at the time of publication.

Note: Admission advisors are admission representatives in Florida, Minnesota, Nebraska and Oregon.

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