Academic Catalog

CCAP Credit

Chamberlain College Articulation Program RN to BSN Option (CCAP-RN) - 77 Proficiency Credit Hours

Registered nurses with a current, active license are awarded 77 proficiency credit hours through the Chamberlain College Articulation Plan (CCAP). This proficiency credit includes 37 general education credits and 40 nursing credits. The credit hours awarded reflect credit hours for courses, general education and nursing, currently in the Chamberlain BSN program representing essential content for a basic nursing program. This content may be in specifically identified courses or threaded throughout the curriculum in other required coursework. Applicants may be required to demonstrate knowledge of general education concepts either through transcripted transfer credit or completion of a proficiency examination(s). Examination(s) must be successfully completed prior to acceptance to the RN to BSN Degree Completion Option. Applicants who do not take the proficiency examination(s) or who are not successful in demonstrating proficiency on the examination(s) are required to complete the equivalent course(s) prior to acceptance to the RN to BSN Degree Completion Option.

Nursing - 40 Credits

NR-224Fundamentals: Skills3
NR-226Fundamentals: Patient Care3
NR-228Nutrition, Health & Wellness2
NR-293Pharmacology for Nursing Practice3
NR-326Mental Health Nursing4
NR-327Maternal-Child Nursing4
NR-328Pediatric Nursing4
NR-324Adult Health I5
NR-325Adult Health II5
NR-341Complex Adult Health4

General Education - 37 Credits (Effective November 2022)

BIOS-242Fundamentals of Microbiology with Lab4
BIOS-251Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab2
BIOS-252Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab2
BIOS-255Anatomy and Physiology III with Lab2
BIOS-256Anatomy and Physiology IV with Lab2
CHEM-120Introduction to General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry with Lab4
ENGL-118NEnglish Composition3
ETHC-445NPrinciples of Ethics3
PHIL-347NCritical Reasoning3
PSYC-290NLifespan Development3
SOCS-185NCulture and Society3
COMM-277NInterpersonal Communication3

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