MPAS Student Handbook

Students as Faculty or Staff - MPAS

The Chamberlain Master of Physician Assistant Studies degree program (MPAS) does not permit its students to work (paid or voluntary) for the MPAS program.

MPAS students will not be allowed to serve, either paid or unpaid, as a graduate assistant, administrative staff, clinical staff, or instructional faculty during the pre-clinical or clinical phases of the program. Lectures, structured clinical experiences and overall instruction are the responsibility of the faculty and not students. If a student has specific knowledge, experiences, or skills that are beneficial to the classroom or laboratory, they are encouraged to share them with the class under the supervision of the principal faculty member.

Students enrolled in the MPAS program cannot substitute for practicing physician assistants or provide unsupervised services while at any clinical site. During supervised clinical experiences, students may not substitute for clinical or administrative staff and must ensure all services provided to patients are directly supervised. Students may not accept compensation for any services provided during supervised clinical experiences.