Academic Catalog


Registration & Orientation

In addition to satisfying all admission requirements, students must complete the following pre-enrollment steps prior to course registration:

  • Completed enrollment agreement
  • Completed enrollment agreement addendum (as applicable)
  • Completion of any necessary placement tests (as applicable)
  • Signed Student Code of Conduct form (pre-licensure only)
  • Financial aid clearance

As a resource to enhance online learning abilities, Chamberlain provides a self-administered assessment to determine student readiness in taking online courses. All students will be provided the online readiness assessment tool to confirm they are online ready.

After admission notification, registration and orientation schedules are arranged by each location/program. Contact your student support advisor for more information.

Transitional Studies

Eligibility to enroll in courses is based on assessment/placement results, prior college credit or successful completion of transitional studies coursework. Transitional studies courses are unlikely to transfer to other institutions and may increase program length and cost. Students should begin this coursework at the earliest opportunity. Once enrolled in a transitional studies course, no additional placement testing can occur. For purposes of evaluating satisfactory academic progress, transitional studies coursework is included in attempted and earned credit hours, but not used when computing GPA. Failure to achieve a "B" or higher (or “C” or higher for NR-545 Pharmacology, Physical Assessment, and Pathophysiology Nurse Practitioner graduate placement) on the subsequent attempt will result in dismissal from Chamberlain. For additional details regarding academic progress, see the Academic Standards section of this catalog.

Course Diagnostic Tests

Initial course placements are based on a student’s demonstrated college-level skills. In selected courses, additional focused diagnostic testing may occur at the beginning of the course. This may result in the student being required to enroll in coursework at the immediately prior proficiency level or receiving permission to enroll at the next higher level.

Deceleration Policy – Master of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS) Only

The MPAS curriculum is designed to be completed on a full-time basis. Due to its curriculum design and academic intensity, Chamberlain’s MPAS degree program does not offer part-time or deceleration options to students. All MPAS students must take the full required course load each session, and they must take the courses in the order in which they are offered during the session and the program.

Residency Requirement1

Students must complete at least 25 percent of the undergraduate programs' required credit hours through coursework completed at Chamberlain. Program-specific policies may require students to take certain courses in residence at Chamberlain.


Refer to the Advanced Standing by Transfer of Credit and Graduation requirements section of the academic catalog for program specific transfer credit details

Note: Students enrolled in a degree and certificate program at or above the associate degree level at a Virginia location are required to earn at least 30 percent of the program's required credit hours through coursework completed at Chamberlain.  Students who are residents of Missouri at the time of enrollment must complete the following percentage of the program's required credit hours through course work at Chamberlain:

  • Undergraduate degree or certificate programs – 25 percent
  • Graduate, professional degree or certificate programs – 75 percent