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MPAS Healthcare Compliance Documentation

Health and integrity are of the utmost importance among physician assistant students. As a result, Chamberlain encourages students to become increasingly proficient in promoting self-health and becoming informed when they seek healthcare services.

Note: Chamberlain University utilizes CDC guidelines for healthcare workers and state-specific mandates as a baseline for all healthcare compliance requirements.

Healthcare Compliance Documentation Requirements

  • Drug Screen1
  • Wisconsin BID Form and Caregiver Report (State of WI only)
  • Family Care Safety Registry (State of MO only)
  • Personal Healthcare Responsibility Letter of Understanding & Confidentiality Statement
  • Proof of Health Insurance2 (required annually)

Screening required prior to clinical start.


For MPAS students, proof of health insurance must be completed prior to first day of classes.


Evidence of health insurance is required for all MPAS students. All MPAS students must enroll in and maintain a group injury and sickness insurance plan unless otherwise insured. Students without injury and sickness insurance may be denied access to clinical facilities and therefore may be unable to complete their MPAS degree program.

All registered students will automatically be enrolled in the Chamberlain group injury and sickness insurance plan, unless they can show evidence of coverage by another health insurance plan. If the student chooses to be entirely self-paying for healthcare, a waiver must be completed at the beginning of each policy year and be on file. The Chamberlain group injury and sickness Insurance plan is required for all MPAS students unless a Health Insurance Requirement form is filled out in Complio and a copy of the front and back of the student's insurance card are uploaded and mapped into Complio annually by published deadline.

MPAS students are required to enroll annually to maintain insurance coverage.

A group injury and sickness insurance plan purchased through Chamberlain is effective 24 hours per day during the period for which the premium has been paid and eligibility has been met. Optional coverage for students’ spouses and/or children is available when signing up for coverage. Rates and policy periods are subject to change each new policy term. Semester options are available.

The student assumes all financial responsibility associated with his/her own healthcare. For details on health records required for admission or clinical courses, refer to the packet mailed to accepted students, the Clinical Expectations section of this catalog or the Student Handbook.

Detailed enrollment information is available on the Chamberlain website at

More information is available from the National Healthcare Compliance Department: [email protected]

  • Virtual Compliance Orientation
  • Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Review & Quiz (required annually)
  • Student Commitment to Clinical Behaviors
  • Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) Review & Quiz (required annually)
  • Current American Heart Association Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certification – Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers or American Red Cross (CPR) Certification-Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers
    The faculty and affiliating clinical agencies of Chamberlain have established the need for MPAS students to be certified in the American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR for Healthcare Providers or American Red Cross Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR for Healthcare Providers. All students enrolled in the Chamberlain MPAS degree program must be certified in the current American Heart Association BLS CPR or American Red Cross BLS CPR certification and must meet all other clinical compliance requirements. After initial certification, each student is responsible for maintaining and renewing their own bi-annual CPR certification and keeping other clinical compliance requirements up to date. Chamberlain accepts American Heart Association BLS CPR cards or American Red Cross BLS CPR Certificates.
  • Physical Form (signed and dated by your healthcare provider – within one year of admission)
  • Immunization History
  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) Titers Showing Immunity or Immunization Records of MMR Booster
  • Varicella Titer Showing Immunity or Proof of Immunization (history of disease is not accepted)
  • Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis (Tdap) Booster (within past 10 years and during each pregnancy)
  • One-Time, 2-Step PPD (one time; documentation showing test date, read date and result of each step required) or IGRA/T-Spot Blood Test (Must be dated last 12 months)
  • Annual Tuberculosis Knowledge Guide Acknowledgment and Risk Assessment Documents
    If a positive result is submitted, student will need to provide a completed Tuberculosis Screening Record form, which can be found in the Required Document's tab in student's Complio account.
  • Hepatitis B Series or Immune Titer
  • Polio Vaccine (State of North Carolina only)
    Note: NC students must complete requirement prior to attending their first class.
  • Seasonal Flu Vaccine (Flu Mist not accepted)
  • Immunization Waiver
    If a student is unable to receive any immunization, a waiver request must be signed and submitted for approval to the National Healthcare Compliance Office. This form can be obtained from your American Data Bank Complio account or by contacting the National Healthcare Compliance Office. Students who do not receive all required immunizations may be denied clinical access by the clinical facility and therefore, may experience an interruption in or be unable to complete their programs of study.

Note: All programs are subject to additional requirements including the following examples: background check, fingerprint scan, drug screen clearance, immunizations, vaccines, additional forms and trainings, and other site requirements as requested, as based on state or requirements. Additional out of pocket fees may apply due to site requirements; see your admission representative for additional information.

Healthcare Compliance Deadlines

Healthcare Compliance Deadlines – New Students

Master of Physician Assistant Studies degree program students must complete all clinical compliance requirements by Friday of Week 7 of their first session.

Healthcare Compliance Deadline – Continuing Students

In order to maintain healthcare compliance throughout program progression, students are required to have compliance items scheduled to expire in their ensuing session updated by the first day of the final month of the prior session. See below chart for deadlines.

Enrollment Session Compliance Deadline
July Session June 1
September Session August 1
November Session October 1
January Session December 1
March Session February 1
May Session April 1
  • Additional Clinical Disclosures
    For tracking and public health management purposes, the non-directory information of students may be shared with clinical sites at which a student is studying, working or gaining clinical experience.
    Contact your academic support advisor for more information. Individual states and/or clinical facilities may have additional requirements.
  • Non-Compliance
    Students who are non-compliant in any session may be prevented from further registration. As a result, the student would no longer be able to further progress in the program, and would be denied admission to clinical agencies, resulting in an unsatisfactory clinical grade due to unexcused absences. This could ultimately result in a student failing a course and/or being dropped from the program.

Failure to comply with the drug screen or background and fingerprint checks (as required) or failure to achieve a satisfactory outcome may result in dismissal from Chamberlain.