Academic Catalog

Chamberlain Care Philosophy of Higher Education

Chamberlain’s philosophy of higher education is grounded in the belief that taking extraordinary care of students leads to better student outcomes and experiences, and ultimately to extraordinary care of patients, families and communities. In 2010, this philosophy was translated into a model called Chamberlain Care that has since evolved into an integrated, holistic educational model that incorporates the following core ideals:

  • Care for self. We must first take care of ourselves so that we have the capacity to take care of others and do our best work each day.
  • Care for colleagues. Demonstrating care and support of colleagues creates a workplace environment of respect, collaboration, collegiality, creativity, productivity, community and teamwork.
  • Care for students. Chamberlain Care reflects our fundamental belief in Chamberlain's responsibility and ability to achieve superior student outcomes for a diverse population of students. Care for students is operationalized through initiatives that lead to teaching excellence, extraordinary care and strong support for each student’s learning experience, motivating actions instead of demotivating actions and encouragement instead of discouragement in the face of challenges.

Chamberlain Care was launched as a major cultural transformation initiative that focused all Chamberlain's operations, resources and institutional assessment on creating a culture of care and achieving superior student outcomes. Chamberlain Care has become the lens through which all operations, processes, practices, behaviors and interactions are viewed and assessed. The cultivation of the culture through attention to these ideals and holding ourselves accountable for the execution of care practices is how Chamberlain prepares generations of extraordinary healthcare professionals who will transform healthcare worldwide.