Academic Catalog

Course Descriptions

Following are descriptions of courses from which students may choose, provided prerequisites are met. Co-requisites are requirements that must be completed prior to or at the same time as the specified course. To learn which courses apply to the chosen curriculum, see Program Descriptions, which provides details on required courses and alternative choices.

Course descriptions are presented alphabetically, by course designator.

The following course-numbering system is used:

  • Courses in the 100 series are primarily for undergraduate freshmen
  • Courses in the 200 series are primarily for undergraduate sophomores
  • Courses in the 300 series are primarily for undergraduate juniors
  • Courses in the 400 series are primarily for undergraduate seniors
  • Courses in the 500 and 600 series are primarily for graduate level students
  • Courses in the 700 series are primarily for doctorate level students

Numbers at the end of each course title refer to:

Lecture Contact Hours/ Lab Contact Hours/ Clinical Contact Hours/ Semester Credit Hours/