MPAS Student Handbook

Dress Code Policy - MPAS

Student professional dress and conduct should, at all times, reflect the dignity and standards of the medical profession. It is important that MPAS students dress in a manner that is respectful to their professors, classmates, patients and other interprofessional and administrative colleagues. Students are expected to dress modestly and in good taste while on campus and during educational activities at other affiliated clinical rotations or sites. Professional appearance includes good grooming and hygiene. In both clinical and non-clinical settings all students should use discretion with fragrances, as patients, classmates and instructors may have allergies or sensitivities.

  1. No tank tops.
  2. No shorts above mid-thigh.
  3. No exposure of midriff.
  4. No low-cut shirts or blouses or other revealing garments.
  5. No offensive language or pictures on clothing.
  6. Clothing that is clean and without rips, tears or frayed hems.
  7. No sandals, flip flops, open toed shoes.

Chamberlain MPAS students are required to wear a student issued white coat during their Clinical Clerkships. Students must wear their Chamberlain ID tag, either clipped to their lab coat or worn around their neck with the Chamberlain student lanyard, which will clearly identify them as an MPAS student. Chamberlain MPAS student scrubs in ciel blue are mandatory and must be purchased online at the Chamberlain bookstore. See Master of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS) Clinical Handbook for additional dress guidelines during Clinical Clerkships.