MPAS Student Handbook

Administrative Withdrawal & Request For Reinstatement – Non-Attendance Taking Programs - MPAS

If a student earns an “F” grade in a Master of Physician Assistant Studies course due to lack of participation, the student is administratively withdrawn from the course and the last academically related event as documented in the learning management system is assigned as the withdrawal date. For a student who attended the first three days of the course, Chamberlain presumes the student completed the course(s) and thus earned the grade(s).

A student who does not participate in the first day of a course will be sent an impending attendance dismissal notice advising that they must attend within the next two calendar days or will be dropped from the course. A student who does not attend during the first three consecutive calendar days of class will be dropped from the course and is precluded from requesting reinstatement. The student will be dropped from any future enrollments during the current session and future sessions and will be subject to standards of academic progress. See Standards of Academic Progress section for more information.