MPAS Student Handbook

Academic Integrity Sanctions

The sanctions listed below may be imposed upon any student found to have violated the Academic Integrity Policy. The listing of the sanctions should not be construed as to imply that students are entitled to progressive discipline. The sanctions may be used in any order and/or combination that the University deems appropriate for the conduct in question. Students should be advised that conduct violations could impact privileges associated with the University, including but not limited to leadership/officer roles, awards/recognition and/or holding positions of influence.

  • Educational/discretionary sanctions (e.g. tutorials, written or reading assignments, rewrite with reduction).
  • A written notice to the student that the student is in violation of or has violated the academic integrity policy.
  • Student receives zero credit for the entire paper, exam, quiz, homework, discussions, lab, etc., in which the incident of academic dishonesty occurred. No partial credit shall be given.
  • Where the incident involves a graded assignment that would be one the student could request to be “dropped” for grading purposes, the student may not exercise that option.
  • Where the incident involves a graded assignment that has been so compromised that the assignment must be voided for the entire class, the offending individual’s grade for the course will be based on inclusion of the zero for the voided assignment.
  • Student receives a failing grade for the course, lab, etc. Withdrawal from the course will not alter the failing grade.
  • Suspended for up to three semesters.
  • Permanent expulsion from Chamberlain University.
  • Revocation of degree or certificate.