MPAS Student Handbook

MPAS Leave of Absence

Due to the intensive nature of physician assistant education and the sequential curriculum design, students in the MPAS program are strongly encouraged to maintain uninterrupted enrollment to avoid delaying graduation. Students who encounter sudden and significant changes in personal, family or health circumstances may request a leave of absence. Requests for a leave of absence must be submitted to the Program Director or approved designee in writing using the Master of Physician Assistant Studies Leave of Absence form and must contain an explanation of and documentation supporting the request. For the request to be considered, students must be in good academic standing. Students are urged to submit requests for a leave of absence as soon as an absence is anticipated. The student should contact a student support advisor prior to the leave to determine how the student’s financial aid status will be affected by a leave of absence.

The maximum leave of absence a student may take is six consecutive sessions. The student must return to class or be considered withdrawn from the program. Students resuming their studies following an approved leave of absence must pass a comprehensive exam for each MPAS course that was previously passed and are subject to the requirements of the re-entry Policy (see the Re-Entry Requirements – Master of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS) Degree Program section). These requirements may result in additional coursework requirements and tuition obligations.