CHP Student Handbook


Students are required to purchase standard textbooks, electronic versions of textbooks (eBooks), lessons and/or supplies. These costs may vary by the student’s semester and program. Some courses may require an eBook if a standard textbook is not offered. Students have the opportunity to purchase textbooks for courses they are enrolled in through the Chamberlain University bookstore at or the bookstore of their choice.

For additional information regarding textbooks and supplies, contact your student services office. The bookstore will begin accepting orders on Monday of Week 5 of the previous session. Purchases may be charged to your student account or to a credit card.

Printed eBooks – A printed eBook is a printed soft cover version of an electronic textbook. Most eBooks are available for purchase as a printed eBook. While most printed eBooks are black and white, a few are available in color. Printed eBooks are identical to the course eBook and aren’t required; they’re simply an option for students who want a printed textbook. In order to be eligible to order a printed eBook, you must have purchased the eBook(s) for the course. See the bookstore for more details. For additional information regarding which courses have eBooks and the costs associated with them, contact your student services office.