Academic Catalog

Drug Free Schools & Communities Act

The faculty and each individual student have a responsibility to strive for high-quality patient care and nursing education. To fulfill that responsibility, students must devote their full faculties and abilities to their academic and clinical work, free from the effects of alcohol and other performance-impairing substances.

Chamberlain complies with the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act of 1986 and forbids use, possession, distribution or sale of drugs or alcohol by students, faculty or staff anywhere on school property or while engaged in any off-site learning activity associated with Chamberlain.

Anyone in violation of state, federal or local regulations with respect to illegal drugs or alcohol may be subject to both criminal prosecution and school disciplinary action.

Drug testing is required by Chamberlain as a condition of admission for select programs, and subsequent drug screenings may be required at any time during the course of employment or enrollment, as well as by any clinical facility. Failure to comply or achieve a satisfactory outcome will result in the student being denied admission into the program. Continuing students may be expelled from Chamberlain.