MPAS Student Handbook

Attendance Expectiations

Attendance and participation are required within all classroom, lab and clinical instruction (including simulation), practice, practicum and fieldwork. Students must arrive on time and stay for the duration of the classroom or learning activity for synchronous course events, lab and clinical experiences (including simulation, pre- and post-conference/briefing/assignment) in order to satisfy the clinical or lab hours for each course. Students must successfully complete and satisfy the credit hour requirements, clinical expectations and course outcomes set forth in the course syllabi to achieve all regulatory requirements and obtain a satisfactory for each clinical or lab course.

For attendance taking programs, attendance is tracked for all eight weeks of the session on a course-by-course basis and is recorded daily based on academic events. An academic event for on-site courses is defined by attending scheduled class meetings. An academic event for online courses is defined by submitting a class assignment, participating in threaded discussions or completing quizzes and exams or completing synchronous activities. An academic event for blended courses is defined by attendance in the on-site component or by submitting a class assignment, participating in threaded discussions or completing quizzes and exams in the online component.

Chamberlain University does not have a formal attendance policy for the Master of Physician Assistant Studies program. However, attendance is tracked for the first three days of the course. Faculty members may choose to incorporate a participation element in grading criteria. Grading criteria include requirements for class participation in academically related events and the extent to which work missed due to non-participation may be made up.

Site-based classes may require both classroom and online participation. A student in a site-based course who anticipates missing any class meetings should seek academic advising and contact the professor as soon as possible.

NOTE: F-1 student attendance for blended courses is defined as physically attending each on-site class meeting. Participation in an online academic event does not constitute as attendance for F-1 students. Withdrawal of course enrollment may lead to the F-1 student not maintaining the minimum full-time enrollment requirements and the student’s SEVIS record may be subject to termination.


At this time, all Chamberlain University students are required to attest (acknowledge) their understanding of these policies through an attestation quiz within the Learning Management System. The Student Attestation is provided in each course every session. Faculty will monitor for completion of the Student Attestation and will encourage completion.

Students will not be withdrawn from the course for failure to complete the Student Attestation.


Lab time is utilized to practice and master skills to meet criteria that demonstrate completion of course outcomes. Demonstration of clinical skills and/or required competencies must be performed satisfactorily to pass course (see course shell and skills return demonstration forms for criteria).

Detailed information regarding the Attendance Policy is available at