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POLI-Political Science (POLI)

POLI-330N:  Political Science  
Contact Hours: Lecture - 48, Lab - 0, Clinical - 0
Semester Hours: Theory 3
This course examines the structures of American government and explores how government, politics, and society are interconnected. Topics covered
in this class include political parties and campaigns, the presidency, courts, Congress, the Constitution and Federalism, public opinion and news media and their influence on the political process, domestic and foreign policy, public opinion, interest groups, and social movements. Students will
also be required to examine their state constitution for core principles and how federal and state governments both play a key role in their lives as individual citizens.
Prerequisite: ENGL-148N
NOTE The state of Nevada requires students to meet its requirement for study of the Nevada and U.S. constitutions. The Political Science (POLI-330N) course fulfills this requirement.