CON Student Handbook

Student Identification (ID) Card

In an effort to ensure the safety of our campus, students are required to wear their ID badge at all times while on campus. The badge can be worn around your neck with an approved Chamberlain lanyard or on a clip, as long as the ID is visible.

Pre-Licensure nursing student IDs are issued during new student registration. BSN online option, Post-Licensure nursing and graduate students needing a student ID should contact their student support advising team at 888.556.8226. All enrolled students must have in their possession a student identification card while on University property. The ID card is intended to serve as proof of an individual’s status at Chamberlain and provides access to many resources provided by the University. An ID card is required for display on campus property, attendance in class, lab and clinicals, student activities, library and lab checkout, book purchases, etc. Students must show their ID upon request to any University official or security officer. A color scheme has been instituted to better identify authorized Chamberlain individuals on campus.

  • Teal Lanyards: Chamberlain Students
  • Green Lanyards: Visitors
  • Royal Blue Lanyards: Chamberlain Faculty/Colleagues

If you do not have an active ID badge or forget your badge, you will need to register with security at the front entrance. You will be given a temporary badge and further steps will be taken to help you obtain a new badge, if needed.

If you are in need of a teal lanyard, please contact student services. Replacements for lost ID cards may be purchased. Be sure to bring a copy of your state issued ID to obtain a replacement ID card.