Academic Catalog

Requirements and Procedures

Location & Change of Address

Chamberlain considers a student’s mailing address to be their location in order to fulfill requirements related to providing information about professional licensure as required by Title IV regulations.

Students are obligated to formally notify Chamberlain of their new location by updating their mailing address anytime their location changes. To formally update your mailing address, contact your academic support advisor.

Students in programs which lead to professional licensure whose location changes to a different state are encouraged to contact Chamberlain to determine how that change in location may impact their ability to continue to receive Title IV funding and obtain professional licensure in their new state.

Nursing Licensure Requirements

Chamberlain is committed to preparing graduates for professional nursing practice. To achieve this goal, students in post-licensure and graduate programs are required to maintain RN licensure throughout the entire program of study and required to self-report any restrictions or adverse reports applied to their RN license as a professional best practice and to comply with state Nurse Practice Acts. Before entering any clinical/practicum courses, students must demonstrate proof of current, active, unrestricted license to practice as a Registered Nurse in the state where the student will conduct their clinical(s)/practicum(s). Students who fail to maintain an active, unrestricted license throughout their clinical/practicum courses do not meet the clinical/practicum requirements and cannot progress.

Master of Social Work (MSW) Licensure

At the completion of the MSW degree program, students are eligible to seek licensure in their respective state according to the state’s standards and regulations. The minimum academic credential required to obtain licensure to practice as a social worker in most states is a Master of Social Work (MSW) from a program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). Licensing requirements vary by state and may include additional criteria. It is important that you understand what is required by the state in which you will ultimately practice.

Chamberlain limits student enrollment to states where our Master of Social Work degree program is approved to ensure the program meets the state’s education requirement for licensure.

Your state may have requirements in addition to graduating from an accredited MSW degree program. We recommend visiting your state professional licensing board website for details specific to your state.

State-specific social work licensure and certification requirements, including education requirements, exam requirements, reciprocity licensure information and professional organization contacts, are available at

Official Documentation Requirements

In order to progress through their program, students are required to provide official documentation of all admission requirements by the end of their first semester with the exception of the Master of Physical Studies (MPAS) degree program. This includes transcripts and official documentation from all previously attended institutions, official proof of graduation and official proof of English and Registered Nursing License (if required by the program). Before entering any clinical courses (or NR-443 or NR-447 or undergraduate post-licensure), students must provide proof of current, active, unrestricted license to practice as an RN (or equivalent licensure outside the U.S.) in the state or country where the student will conduct the clinical(s). Students who fail to provide all official documentation by the deadline will be prevented from progressing with a hold on their account. MPAS-specific admission criteria can be found under the Applying for Admission section.