CHP Student Handbook

Appeal of Academic Dismissal

A student who has been dismissed for failing to meet standards of academic progress may appeal the dismissal if there were rare and extenuating circumstances that contributed to the failure to meet the University standards. Students should not submit their appeal until the circumstance(s) which led to their poor academic performance is resolved. Written notification of the dismissal must be issued to the student before the appeal can be submitted. A student may not be enrolled in courses during the appeal process.

  1. Appealing an academic dismissal
    To appeal an academic dismissal, students should follow the steps below:
    1. Speak to a student support advisor about the conditions under which an appeal would be appropriate. These conditions include:
      • There were rare and extenuating circumstances which contributed to the dismissal
      • These circumstances have been overcome or have changed
      • Documentation is available to support both statements above
    2. If appropriate, complete the appeal for reinstatement form. The form should include:
      • Verifiable documentation of mitigating circumstances that contributed to poor academic performance
      • How the circumstances have been overcome
      • A realistic plan for meeting the requirements to return to good standing
    3. Attachment of supporting documentation (e.g., legal documents, doctor’s certification, receipts, military orders, etc.)
  2. Review of the appeal for reinstatement
    ​The appeal for reinstatement form, supporting documentation provided by the student and information pertaining to the student’s academic performance, including but not limited to, academic history and tutoring notes, will be reviewed by the appeal committee. The appeal committee is chaired by the program’s dean or designee. If a student was academically dismissed and reinstated previously, documentation related to the previous appeal(s) may also be reviewed. The appeal committee makes the decision whether the appeal is approved or denied by evaluating whether the information presented demonstrates the student’s circumstances resulted in the poor academic performance, that the issue(s) has been overcome and that the student’s plan shows the student is likely to be successful in the future.

  3. Appeal of reinstatement decision
    If the appeal is denied, a student may appeal the decision by completing the appeal of reinstatement decision form. The student must provide information to support why the committee’s decision was unfair. The appeal will be reviewed by the pre-licensure program administrator or designee or post-licensure/graduate program director or designee. The appeal decision is final. Students cannot resume studies, reapply or apply to the same program at another Chamberlain University location if denied.

  4. Reinstatement to the University

    If the appeal is approved, the student will be reinstated and placed on financial aid probation. A student must meet satisfactory academic progress by the end of that semester, unless the approved appeal includes an academic plan. Progress of the plan will be evaluated after the next enrolled semester. Students who re-enroll after the approval of an appeal may be required to complete additional requirements as specified by the dean, president/director or designee and adhere to the re-entry requirements prior to resumption or readmission (see Re-Entry Requirements section of the academic catalog).* Students who have additional requirements will be placed on a registration hold and will be restricted from enrolling in future sessions until those requirements have been met.

    If the student is meeting the requirements of the academic plan, the student is eligible to receive Title IV aid. Military students are not eligible to receive VA benefits while placed on an academic plan even if meeting the requirements of an academic plan. Failure to meet the conditions of the plan or satisfactory academic progress will result in a second dismissal and the student is no longer eligible for Title IV HEA program funds.

    Reinstated students who interrupted their academic studies for six consecutive sessions or more must also request readmission.


Effective for applicants/students starting or resuming studies for the September 2020 and beyond session in applicable nursing and/or science courses.