CON Student Handbook

Pre-Licensure BSN Student Uniform & Professional Appearance Policy

Students are required to purchase and wear the approved Chamberlain uniform when participating in all clinical learning activities unless otherwise specified by the clinical partner. Certain clinical partners may have additional dress regulations and uniform requirements. The policies of an affiliated clinical agency/partner hosting students for rotation may be different and always supersede Chamberlain's dress code. Check with your clinical coordination specialist for additional requirements.

  • Students purchase their uniform and clinical kit during NR-222 (see ordering information below). Uniforms may be required for purchase prior to NR-222 at program leadership's discretion.

Chamberlain uniforms are only permitted to be worn during Chamberlain approved clinical learning activities and at program leadership direction. The use of the Chamberlain uniform outside of clinical learning is prohibited. Identification badge and Chamberlain branding must be covered or removed when not in a clinical learning setting.

Note: Clinical learning activities include clinical credit and lab credit hours. Simulation could be performed in clinical or lab.

General Rules, Requirements & Information

  1. Chamberlain cobalt blue tunic top with pockets and a Chamberlain logo embroidered on upper left chest area.
  2. Pants in Chamberlain cobalt blue.
    A scrub dress or ankle-length skirt options are available in cobalt blue. White tights must be worn with the scrub dress and knee length white socks with the ankle-length skirt.
  3. Head coverings (religious or otherwise) need to be white, cobalt blue or black and free of decorative items.
  4. White socks (mid-calf or knee length) and white nurse’s shoes or white solid material (no color), non-mesh athletic shoes must be worn (closed flat heel and toe). Shoes worn in clinical areas must cover the entire foot.
  5. Identification badges (Chamberlain and/or partner) should be attached to the upper right collar area (or in a location identified by the clinical partner) and worn at all times.
  6. Stethoscope with bell and diaphragm.
  7. Watch with a second hand capability.

Additional Required Supplies

  • Penlight
  • Bandage scissors
  • Small notepad
  • Black ball-point pen
  • Clinical kits/lab bag - required for NR-224 (on-site students) and for the on-site retreat (online students).

Note: Uniform requirements may vary. See your clinical coordination specialist for the specific uniform requirements for your location and/or clinical site.

Optional (at Program Leadership Discretion)

  • White lab coat with the Chamberlain logo embroidered on upper left chest may be worn over appropriate dress street clothes (no jeans, shorts or sandals).
  • Cobalt blue, white or black fitted top can be worn under uniform.
  • Additional uniform requirements in the form of a mask may be required by the facility. If non N95 or KN95 masks are permitted, then the mask should be white, cobalt blue or black and free of decorative items. A surgical mas may also be worn.

Professional Appearance

  • Nursing is a professional setting that requires conservative and natural appearance. Professional appearance includes good grooming and appropriate use of cosmetics and jewelry. Uniforms must be clean and well maintained.
  • Hair is to be worn back and up and away from the face. Longer hair must be tied back in a neat manner. Hair colors must be of natural tones. Non-natural colors such as pink, blue, etc., are not permitted. 
  • Natural nails must not extend beyond fingertips. Artificial nails and nail polish are not permitted.
  • Jewelry is limited to a simple non-jeweled band (one ring per hand). One pair (one in the entire ear) small post earrings. Facial and tongue jewelry are not allowed. Ear gauges or any other facial piercings should be closed with clear plugs or matching skin tone.
  • All body art/tattoos that are visible (except fingers) must be covered. Examples of coverage include:
    • Snuggly fit long sleeve shirt and/or a turtleneck worn under student’s uniform top.
    • Makeup
    • Bandages
  • Students must be clean-shaven or have short neatly trimmed facial hair.
  • Undergarments should not be visible at any time.
  • Gum chewing is not permitted in the clinical learning area.

Uniform & Clinical Kit Ordering

Ordering Chamberlain University College of Nursing uniforms and clinical kits is easy and convenient. Log on to the My Chamberlain portal experience at and under the Academics section, click on Bookstore. Or visit