MPAS Student Handbook

Perspectives - Student Assistance Program

The Perspectives student assistance program is a 24/7, complimentary, confidential support program for Chamberlain students, their family members and significant others.

Through the Perspectives program, Chamberlain students, their family members and significant others can receive assistance with issues such as:

  • Emotional Support: Stress management, anxiety, depression, grief and family/relationship issues
  • Academic Support: Testing-taking skills, study tips, tutors and study assistance, skill building, time organization
  • Student/Life Balance: Financial resources, budgeting, legal resources, child care and elder care resources, career development, workplace training
  • Active Military and Veteran Resources: Deployment, health and wellness, reintegration support, veteran resources and benefits

To learn more about the Perspectives Student Assistance Program, visit the Student Resource Center: Perspectives 

To access Perspectives:

You will need to sign up on the first login and set up your own username and password, which you will use ongoing:

Company/Student Code: CHAMBERLAIN
Your Email Address: (your email will be your username) 
Your Password: create your own unique password