Academic Catalog

Student Organizations

A variety of services are available to students in order to support and enhance their experiences at Chamberlain. Services and organizations are available to promote a feeling of community and comfort, as well as affording students the opportunity to participate in leadership and decision-making roles.

National Student Nurses Association (NSNA)

Chamberlain students are encouraged to participate in the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA). “NSNA’s mission is to mentor students preparing for initial licensure as registered nurses, and to convey the standards, ethics and skills that students will need as responsible and accountable leaders and members of the profession.” For more information visit, or contact the faculty advisor at your campus.

Sigma Theta Tau International, Nursing Honor Society Phi Pi Chapter

Formerly known as the Chamberlain College of Nursing Honor Society, the Phi Pi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International (Sigma) Nursing Honor Society was chartered on October 20, 2011. The Phi Pi Chapter of Sigma celebrates scholarship, research and academic excellence of undergraduate and graduate nursing students, as well as the achievements of professional nurses.

Our mission is to support learning, knowledge and professional development of nurses committed to making a difference worldwide. As one of the newest chapters of Sigma, we further our honor society's mission by offering our members the vast resources of one of the most respected nursing organizations in the world.

Phi Pi membership is by invitation only. To qualify, BSN students must complete half of their required nursing curriculum, be in the top 35 percent of their cohort and have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0. In addition to the preceding criteria, RN to BSN students must complete 12 credit hours at Chamberlain. Graduate students must complete one-fourth of their required nursing curriculum and have a minimum GPA of 3.5. All students must meet the expectation of academic integrity. Nurse leader candidates must be legally recognized to practice nursing in their country, have a minimum of a baccalaureate degree or the equivalent in any field and demonstrate achievement in nursing.

To learn more, visit

Phi Alpha Honor Society, Alpha Beta Gamma Chapter

The goal of the Honor Society is the recognition of social work students for their scholarship and excellence within the social work program. As social work's largest honor society, Phi Alpha provides members with benefits such as networking with other social work professionals, volunteer and humanitarian opportunities, access to social work grants and scholarships and national presentation opportunities.

Membership is by invitation to eligible MSW students who demonstrate academic achievement. To qualify, MSW students must complete 37.5 percent of their graduate curriculum and be in the top 35 percent of their cohort.

To learn more about the Chamberlain Alpha Beta Gamma Chapter of the Phi Alpha Honor Society, visit

Student Government Association (SGA)

Chamberlain welcomes and encourages students to participate in the Student Government Association (SGA). The SGA’s purpose is to represent the student body and act as a liaison between students and the Chamberlain administration. This is a voluntary organization, and its officers are elected by their peers. Students should contact the SGA advisor on their campus for more information.

Student Advisory Board

The Chamberlain Student Advisory Board provides online students an opportunity to provide feedback regarding classes and educational resources. Students interested in serving on this board should contact their academic support advisor for more information.

Chamberlain Committees

Chamberlain welcomes student representation on committees. Program administrator, academic dean and directors appoint representatives to Chamberlain’s standing committees. Committee membership provides an opportunity to participate in a review of curriculum, resources, services, facilities and policies. Students who are interested in serving on a committee should contact their SGA advisor or their academic support advisor for more information.