CON Student Handbook

Healthcare Compliance Deadlines – New Students

Pre-Licensure students must submit a completed health examination and immunization history by established deadlines. Pre-Licensure students must upload copies of personal health records to their Complio account and must maintain originals for future use. Complete documentation must be uploaded to the student's Complio account and be approved by the following deadlines:1

  • 3-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program students must complete all clinical compliance requirements by Friday of Week 7 of their first session
  • 3-year BSN students entering Chamberlain directly into a clinical course must be clinically compliant before the first day of their first session

Failure to submit all healthcare compliance requirements by the deadlines will result in the student’s account being placed on a compliance hold, making the student ineligible to register for classes or attend clinicals until required documentation is received and accepted.2


LA, NV and NC students must complete all state mandated requirements prior to attending their first class.


LA, NC, NJ and NV campus students: In addition to a compliance hold, students will be dropped from any future sessions.